About Hisar

What’s in Hisar:Hisar City is a major district of haryana which is located at 2905’5” north latitude and 75045’55” east longitudes.
The Hisar City was founded by Firozshah Tughlaq in 1354 A.D , thus it also called a “Hisar-e-Firoza” or in the other word ‘Fort of Firoz’. Hisar is a Arabic word which means ‘Fort’.
The city was ruled by several major powers, including the Mauryans in the 3rd century BC, the Tughlaqs in the 14th century, the Mughals in the 16th century and the British in the 19th century. After India achieved independence, it was unified with the state of Punjab. When the Punjab was divided in 1966, Hisar became part of Haryana.

Hisar city is one of the important and fast growing urban centers of Haryana. It has grown to a vital position on the urban map of Haryana. It has come up because of location factors. Its location is such that for any development away from the G.T. Road Hisar draws the attention.

According to data of 2011 hisar district has a population of 17,42,815. This gives it a ranking of 276th in India (out of a total of 640). Hisar has a sex ratio of 871 females for every 1000 males,and a literacy rate of 73.2%. Haryanavi & Punjabi are the dominant languages spoken.

Hisar has a continental climate, with very hot summers and relatively cool winters. The main characteristics of climate in Hisar are dryness, extremes of temperature and scanty rainfall. The city witnesses very hot summers and cool winters. The maximum day temperature during the summer varies between 40 to 46-degree Celsius. During winter its
ranges between 1.5-degree to 4-degree Celsius