Payal Spa for Skin & Hair Care

Payal Spa for Skin & Hair Care Here at Homeopathic/ Holistica Skin Care we are not only proud of the superb products and formulas we offer, but of the excellent and highly trained aestheticians who carry our line. Deepak Chopra once said “I think we need the feminine qualities of leadership, which include attention to […]

Payal Spa for Skin & Hair Care

Here at Homeopathic/ Holistica Skin Care we are not only proud of the superb products and formulas
we offer, but of the excellent and highly trained aestheticians
who carry our line.

Deepak Chopra once said
“I think we need the feminine qualities of leadership, which include attention
to aesthetics and the environment, nurturing, affection, intuition
and the qualities that make people feel safe and cared for.”

That quote couldn’t be more precise, each one of us is a leader of our own destiny, but with homeopathic
we dedicated our lives and research to develope a line the met the needs of every individual
leader, we focused on the negative impact the environment can have on the skin, while collecting all the natural substances that can undo the effect of time. We understand how tough a day can be
and how important it is to have top quality service, to feel someone is paying attention to your needs
and not just giving you a standard routin, but has the proper understanding of the skin, and intuitive to know how you indepentendly will respond. We are proud to offer you a carefully selected group of caring, knowledgable Clinics, Aestheticians and Dermeopaths/ Dermaticians (degrees created and taught by Madame Filion)…..
So when you walk in to one our retailers, you and your skin can feel safe and taken care of.

The Holistica Product Line was developed under the following philosophy

Like snowflakes, every individual skin is unique unto itself & in a constant state of change. The product line MUST be flexible & active enough to address a multitude of non-­‐medical skin types and conditions.

The human skin has a great difficulty in or cannot metabolize synthetic ingredients. Therefore the product line MUST be formulated with natural ingredients only. By natural we mean raw materials, which are not artificially produced by manipulating or mutating molecules from their natural state

It is a law of nature that WHAT YOU ABUSE OR DON’T USE-­‐ YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE. The product line MUST be formulated to reverse and assist the body’s natural functions to repair the damage created by lack of care, improper knowledge or information and abuse.

We are proud to be the pioneers of a Holistica Approach to maintain and preserve your skin,
with unique technology formulas and processes never before achieved.

Manufacturing, Producing and delivering the ultimate NATURAL SKIN NUTRITION at your door.
The goodness of nature from the Earth to your skin.

Once you experience the remarkable, astonishing, immediate and permanent results from the delicious aromas and delicate velvety feel of the numerous formulas specifically designed for the many different skin ages + needs.. We are positive you’ll never look back.
Join the future of skin therapy. Experience the growth in one of the most welcomed and celebrated and celebrated profession- AESTHETICIAN, through Holistica and the diversified advanced programs and knowledge you can become a DERMATICIAN…. Ask US about it.

Your Success Is Our Success.

With more than six decades of research and development we are the leading natural professional line to meet all your salon needs, we rest on the history of the clinical results and documented testimonies of satisfied clients and their clients. With over 85% successful immediate results, and less than 1% of returns, we are honored to offer a superior product with; unparalleled expertise in this noble field pushing science to the new century this topical delivery system deals with multiple skin challenges. We offer collective and personalized training (individual training according to need in your own premises)
“Your Success LOOKS Good On Us”
“ It has been for 60 years our mission to serve you and be a part of your triumph” Make your clients dreams a reality

Advantages Of Using Holistica Skin Care
Holistica is the only dermaceutical quality professional skin care treatment product line in the world. With the rule that we will never use glycolic acids A.H.A’s, beta hydroxyl, retin-­‐a or any other variation of these types of ingredients in any of the products but rather all of the products are made with certified excellent grade natural ingredients, trade elements, trace minerals, Homeopathics substances, essential oils, Bioderma fruit, flora, vegetable and plant extracts, etc.

Holistica is an extensive skin care treatment line consisting of over 130. Result producing active products designed to grow with you, your business and your clientele no matter what age or condition the client’s skin is presently in. Because all of our formulas activating ingredients such as collagen, lecithin, hyaluronic acid, epidermin, enzymes, amino acids, Bach flowers, Homeopathics, extracts. Etc. Are formulated into the products at the percentage levels equal to the skin’s healthy absorption capacity.

Dermeopaths who are properly trained in and use ONLY Holistica products receive a diploma and are designated as Dermeopath© with the authority to practice Dermeopathy©… Dermeopath© will then be given the opportunity to receive advanced training in iridology, oligotherapy, kinesiology, nutrition, advanced skin and body care, etc. Upon successful completion of the training of a Dermeopath© will receive a diploma in Dermeopathy© with the authority to practice same.
The above training, diploma and designations are available only with Holistica products because Holistica are the only Dermeopathic© products in Canada. The marketing advantages to the practicing professional are immediately obvious.

Holistica Products are made in Canada and consequently products are made as they are sold assuring the freshness of the products.

All animal based products are kosher and are not obtained as a result of animal testing or suffering.

The millions of dollars of time and money necessary to develop a high quality skin care line have already been paid for and are no longer amortized into the cost of the product. This allows Holistica to offer a very high quality, natural product line at prices very competitive with lesser quality and / or synthetic lines.

A professional will also discover that she/he will be able to perform more treatments with less product than experienced with other lines used.

You will have the business advantage of being able to share knowledge and experience with one of the world’s finest skin and body care experts-­‐ Dr Madame Filion and her personally trained staff-­‐ who also happens to have over 30 years of professional public treatment experience with the Holistica line. If a problem can happen she has experienced it and is there personally to answer and of your questions and assist you in any way possible
There are tremendous personal, business and financial rewards possible when you use the very best, result orientated, natural ingredients, professional skin and body care treatment line available. We are convinced that the Holistica product line is exactly what you have been searching for.
Holistica products make skin care exciting, fun and rewarding.