Little kingdom School

Little kingdom School Aim: We aim to create a stimulating and caring environment where all children develop skills in confidence for a fulfilling and responsible life. – Secretary, Little Kingdom Education Society welcome to the world of Little Kingdom. We hope you find the key information which you need if you’re considering the school on […]

Little kingdom School

Aim: We aim to create a stimulating and caring environment where all children develop skills in confidence for a fulfilling and responsible life.
– Secretary, Little Kingdom Education Society welcome to the world of Little Kingdom.

We hope you find the key information which you need if you’re considering the school on behalf of your daughter, son or relative.

This is just a website. No matter how professional and attractive any site may be, it will only give you an overview of procedures and systems – but it cannot convey fully what is personal and warm about our school. That is what we aim to provide in everyday life of Little Kingdom; students and adults working out together to lay good foundations.

We want each student to develop the intellectual skills which will open opportunities in the future. Equally, we emphasize daily the need for strong personal values; integrating, determination, respect for people and property, and importantly, a sense of fun.

Little kingdom is all about partnership, between you the teachers and the school to achieve what is best for the common entity i.e. your child. So if you can come and visit us and see students and teachers in action you will be warmly welcomed.

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Curriculum statement: The school prides itself in the high quality learning environments that it provides to its pupils and the high academic success they achieve. A high teacher: pupil ratio ensures every child receives individual attention and help. Committed classroom teaching and a programme for able and talented pupils ensures that the social and educational needs of every pupil are met.

The Aim of the school: At the little Kingdom we aim to create a stimulating and caring environment which enables all individuals to realize their full potential and by doing so, develop skills and confidence for a fulfilling and responsible life in a changing society.

Roles and Responsibilities: The Principal and senior teachers are responsible for the curriculum. Subject teachers monitor their particular subject area to ensure that it is implemented consistently and effectively.

Common values and purposes:

· The curriculum reflects the five outcomes accepted globally-Stay Safe, Be Healthy, Enjoy and Achieve, Strike to achieve economic well-being, Make a positive contribution.

· To help children to develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and to argue rationally.

· The curriculum is carefully planned and structured to ensure that learning is uninterrupted and that the pupils make progress.

· The curriculum captures the children’s interests, encourages them and motivates them to learn.

· To help children to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to adult life and to develop an understanding of the world.

· To instill respect for religious and moral values.

Guidelines: Nursery to year 6 follow –

· The National Curriculum and NCERT

· The Primary Frame work for literacy and numeracy.

· SEAL- Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning

Which include six areas of learning –

· Personal Social and emotional development.

· Communication, language and literacy.

· Knowledge and understanding of the world.

· Physical development.

· Creative development.

The core subjects English, Mathematics and Science and Information Communication Technology have the highest time-table weighting.

Delivery: The School provides the following teaching hours for each class.

Nursery – 20 hours a week.

KG-VI – 32 hours a week.

The curriculum is planned for 36 weeks and is further divided into four terms. A thematic approach is adopted for some subject areas. English is the primary mode of teaching and Hindi is taught as a subject.

Assessment and Target setting: The School has an Assessment Policy which is in consonance with the National Curriculum. It also has an age appropriate means of target setting.

Home work: The School has a home work policy which explains the rationale for setting home work and the time that pupils are expected to spend completing the home work. Normally it should not require more than 30 minutes to complete the home work. Each child has a home work diary.

Reporting on Pupil Attainment: Each pupil is given a full written report towards the end of the Academic Year. The report is prepared by class teachers and details each individuals work and achievement in every area of the curriculum.

Parent/ Teacher Meetings: These meetings are held four times in a year and all parents are encouraged to attend. The meeting provides an opportunity for parents to meet all the teaching staff and an opportunity for teachers to explain their aims and objectives for the term and the forth coming academic year as well as to cover some general issues. Teachers are available for individual consultations to discuss the progress of their child on Saturdays.

Summer – 01:30 p.m. to 02:30 p.m.

Winter – 02:00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m.

Extra Curricular Activities: Little Kingdom recognizes that it is not only responsible for the academic progress and achievements of its pupils, but also for the development of each pupil as a whole. The School offers a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities which provide pupils with the opportunity to pursue and develop their own interests, to experience new ventures, to complete as individuals and members of a team in various settings.

Conclusion: The aim of Little Kingdom is to offer its pupils a broad curriculum which allows for academic success and for the positive well being and social development of each child.