Verma Sockers

So I want to take a minute to discuss sockets in weapons and the gems that go into them. But before I start and suggest a “fix” I just want to point out that not 100% of the idea’s are mine, and in fact I did hear a lot of it from a different source which I do not remember nor do I have the time to go look for. Also I took a quick look and couldn’t find a similar post.

Sockets in current items:
First things first, finding “good” legendary weapons right now depends on one thing and one thing only, if it has a socket. Plain and simple, if your weapon does not roll a socket you might as well get that forgotten soul. Lets just face it and say that when you roll a legendary and see that you cannot roll a socket AND a main stat it is usually scrapped. This shouldn’t be what determines the usefulness of weapons and it certainly has made me salvage countless weapons. This comic we can probably all relate to..

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