Unique Life Style

Unique Life Style

A personality cannot be changed. Just improved. A unique person needs a unique personality, so be unique. Be talkative and friendly but, on the other side, be lonely and nostalgic. Always show your true emotions but don’t reveal everything about yourself to others. This will make you look mysterious and different from everyone else.

During her 9-year battle to lose excess weight, Sandy tried it all – the diets, the books, the pills. Then something happened that changed everything: she switched her thinking, shifted her lifestyle and lost her old habits. The weight came off – all 21kgs of it – and Sandy decided to put her experience to good use.
Since establishing Unique Lifestyle in 1998, Sandy Goldberg has worked as a lifestyle consultant, author, facilitator and speaker in the field of holistic wellness.
Working with both private and corporate clients, she has helped hundreds of people lose weight successfully through her uniquely personal mind, body and soul approach and practical methods.
She lives in Cape Town with her husband and two daughters.

Headed up by Unique Life Style consultant, facilitator, author, speaker and long-time wellness devotee, Sandy Goldberg, Unique Lifestyle offers a personalised, inspiring and refreshingly different solution to weight and wellness issues. With specially-designed products and services for both individual clients and corporates, we’ve got wellness covered.

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