TVS Service

TVS Service

TVS Motor Company is the Second largest two-wheeler export manufacturer from India and one among the top ten in the world, with annual revenue of more than Rs.10,131 Cr in 2014-15 (around USD 1.6 billion), and is the flagship company of the, USD 7.29 billion in 2013-14, TVS Group. The company has a production capacity of 3 million 2 wheelers & 1.2 Lakh 3 wheelers a year.

A bike for anyone

TVS Motor currently manufactures a wide range of two-wheelers from mopeds to racing inspired motorcycles.

TVS Racing has brought into motor racing the professional team concept. It is headed by Mr. Arvind Pangaonkar, General Manager, Research and Development, TVS Motor Company Limited. He has a 12-member team comprising Engineers to Post Graduates who provide technical support to the motorbikes and seven of these professionals travel with the racers during competitions. It is no surprise then that TEAM TVS Racing is today viewed as the numero uno of motor racing in India.
TVS Racing has been instrumental in churning out the country’s best racers ever C. Vijaykumar, a 21-year-old lad from Bangalore, is a prime example of this. TVS spotted his talent two years ago in a TVS Motocross School organized in Bangalore. He was just a novice and when TVS put him through a training process and groomed him to take on the Motocross challenges and today he has become the best racer the country has ever produced. TVS believes in identifying these talents and grooming them at an early age thus making them compete in events where their real grit and talent is put to test. These racers are given state of the art training to enable them to gear up to face International competition. Presently TVS Racing team comprises 9 professional riders with most of them being ace riders in the country in various classes.

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