SLK Marketing

SLK Marketing

SLK Marketing offers you a complete range of business and technical solutions. Our team of graphic designers, I.T. experts andwebsite engineers are dedicated to bringing you a high quality product that will save your staff time and you money.

By choosing SLK I.T. Solutions you are guaranteed to work with a team of professionals dedicated to simplifying and modernizing your business and alleviating your technological stress.

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We heard about SLK Marketing Solutions through a friend of ours that previously had work done by them. We knew that we needed a new website, but we didn’t know where to start or really knew anything about it. We met up with Sylwester and he walked us through everything from start to finish. I felt very comfortable working with SLK I.T. Solutions, as they took our concepts and ideas and brought them to life. I can’t thank them enough for showcasing our business online in a professional manner.”
I heard about SLK IT Solutions through a friend who had contracted them to design and manage the website for her Garden Spa. I really wanted a top of the line, responsive website that would resonate with my values and promote my Brand to the next level – and SLK truly delivered.
Sylwester walked me through every step and went out of his way to help me even outside of office hours. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and an expert knowledge of what is trending on the web. I would be happy to recommend Sylwester and, in fact, have done so to other small business owners. His easy going nature and wealth of knowledge make him a real pleasure to work with.

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