Salasar Associate

Salasar Associate

Salasar is an insurance and reinsurance broking firm licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) vide Licence No. 143 valid up to 3rd April,2015 . One of the largest broking firms in India, with a leadership position in the East, we partner almost all reputed insurance companies in India, both public and private. Our services include Direct Insurance Broking, Reinsurance Broking , Employee Benefits Solutions, Lenders’ Insurance Advisory to banks & project finance institutions and Claims Facilitation.

We provide cost-effective insurance solutions covering assets, liabilities and speciality risks of large and medium corporates. Appreciating that employees are core to an enterprise, we also have some very process-friendly, needs-driven employee benefits insurance products. Our product range includes Industrial All Risks Policy, Fire & Allied Perils Policy, Project Insurances, Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Boilers & Pressure Plants Insurance, Loss of Profits, Marine Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Medical Insurance and Liabilities Insurance. We are privileged to have structured insurance programs of some large corporates in the fields of power, steel, construction, chemicals, sugar and engineering.

As regards the insurance requirements of households, we cater to the same through our retail portal

Our highly experienced team of over 100 professionals from the fields of insurance, engineering, finance, business management and IT provide high quality services to our clients through 11 branches across the country. We take pride in our process-driven capabilities reflected in ISO 9001: 2008 certification of the quality of our processes.

Before structuring an insurance program, our Risk Management team carries out a comprehensive analysis of the insurance requirements of our clients, including inspection of facilities. A combination of risk-retention and risk-transfer strategy advisory follows. Having inventoried the final set of requirements, we determine appropriate insurance solutions, customize products wherever required, credentialize insurers, negotiate terms, place insurance and enter into a tripartite Service Level Agreement.

We fully understand that assets are capital-intensive, potential liabilities can impact the financials irreparably and human resources are precious. The product range on offer by us is reflective of our profound understanding of the needs of large & medium corporates.

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