Outlookclothing.com is an independently-owned family business that spans 4 generations. The keyword to our opening statement is “independent”. We are not Corporate America. This website and our business are both family- and community-oriented. It is not some impersonal corporate machine.

We are real people dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers Outlook. Our size allows us to take a personal interest in each and every sale. The choices on the Internet are endless and you can spend your hard-earned money with anyone, but you will never spend your money with anyone that will appreciate your business as much as we do.

Outlook In a McKinsey report in 2012 it said that Bangladesh is going to double its clothing biz by 2015 and triple it by 2020. Attractive price competitiveness, capacity and satisfactory quality are the advantages Bangladesh clothing industry is enjoying over the other producing countries. But McKinsey also mentioned five challenges that Bangladesh needs to overcome to make the prediction factual. Infrastructure, compliance, supplier’s performance, raw materials, economic and political stability are the five pillars that Bangladesh needs to strengthen. 2015 is only one year away and time has come to take a close look to the McKinsey prediction whether the industry is moving in the right track or not. Recent pre and post-election chaos didn’t bring any good to the industry and the industry has lost a huge amount of buying orders. The image crisis is even worse. GSP issues are a major concern now. Bangladesh Textile Today is to depict the challenges & threats, the textile and clothing industry is facing in the recent times.

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