Maxx-1 Automatic Car Washing

Maxx-1 Automatic Car Washing

Maxx-1 Automatic Car Washing is a search engine with a difference. Most search engines crawl the web and give you information based on websites available around the world. Grotal sends out foot soldiers and collects data physically of businesses who have or who do not have a website.

Most search engines give you a plethora of information from which relevant intelligence has to be culled. However, Grotal gives you concise, precise and exact data which can be used directly.

Grotal was started on August 2009. It was started to fill a void. Everyone is not on the web. Most businesses do not have a website. A need was felt to put these on the web, without them having to create a website of their own.

We understand your concern about the personal information you submit on and our responsibility to protect your privacy. As part of this responsibility, we assure that we will not misuse your personal information in any way.

This document highlights every aspect of the Privacy Policy to you. Your visit and actions undertaken on our site will be governed by the following policy. This policy provides the manner your data is collected and used by You are advised to please read the policy. By accessing the services provided by, you agree to the collection and use of your data by We reserve the right to add, modify, delete or change the contents of this privacy policy as may be felt necessary by us.

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