Denta Properties

Denta Properties

Denta Properties Investments is the healthcare commercial property offering within the Wilton Group.
Our services include:Sourcing, Managing Dental Properties and Capital Raising. We offer the possibility to purchase dental properties through Pensions and Tax efficient arrangements.
Denta Properties Fund also offers the possibility of spreading the already moderate risk represented by a property investment through the acquisition of a share in a portfolio of properties.
We have a dedicated specialist team to advise and support you.
Working with the smallest independent practice right through to the largest corporate, we recognise the importance of both types of business and that they have different needs and requirements.

With this in mind, our aim is simple: We use our extensive market experience to get the best results for your business. Our award-winning team brings a wealth of experience to clients; and with specialists located across the UK, our offices work together closely to ensure they provide your business with the best opportunities and latest market insight, combining local knowledge with national insight.

As well as this, you can take confidence in our professionalism and know that we work to the highest quality standards because we are regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

For those looking to buy or sell, we combine this expertise with innovative marketing solutions meaning your business receives maximum exposure. We tailor marketing campaigns to your requirements with inventive, forward thinking solutions, from bespoke email campaigns to our intelligent website, and from social media to eye-catching print and digital advertising.
Dentistry is mainly a material science branch To fabricate any prosthesis we MUST know advantages and limitations of those material Proper selection of material So to know the things what we use in routine practice are physical properties? Abrasion and abrasion resistance. Viscosity. Structural and stress relaxation. Creep and flow. Color and color perception. Tarnish and corrosion Properties based on laws of, -machanics, acoustics, optics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, radiation, atomic structure or nuclear phenomena. Hue,value,chroma and translucency – based on laws of OPTICS thermal conductivity and coefficient Of thermal expansion – based on laws of THERMODYNAMICS viscosity

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