Delhi Clutch Rapair

Delhi Clutch Rapair

We are one of the reputative Supplier & Distributor of Clutch & Powder Delhi Clutch Rapair And Brake Repair Services. Our product range also comprises of Hydraulic Thrustor, Thrustor Brakes and Electro Magnetic A.C. Disc Brake.

We offer a wide range of Power Clutch and Brake Repair Services at very affordable market price. These products are used in many industries such as printing, paper machine, rewinding machine, wire drawing machines, metal rolling machine, film processing machines, textile machinery. These are manufactured using very high raw materials that are sourced from very reliable vendors. It has the exciting current and torque delivery is linear relationship.


Printing machinery
Paper industry machinery
Bag-making machinery
Paper-making machinery
Wire and cable machinery
Coil machinery
Wire machinery
Strapping bag machinery
Textile machinery
Weaving-dimensional machinery
Woodworking machinery
Test equipment
Analog load use
The kinds of mechanical precision tension controlling
General industrial equipment
Other general industrial machinery


The excitation current – torque characteristic: Exciting current and torque is linear relationship between the exciting current can be controlled by adjusting the size of torque
Speed – torque characteristics: independent of torque and speed to keep constant. (magnetizing current is constant, the allowed range of slip speed change of the torque from the impact of high and low speed) static torque and dynamic moment there is no difference

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