Bhatia Agriculture Implement

Bhatia Agriculture Implement

Bhatia Agriculture Implement  Agriculture equipment operators are involved in farming processes such as tilling, planting seeds, fertilizing plants and harvesting crops. These seasonal workers drive or operate machines such as raking equipment, threshers, combines, tractors, loading machines, dryers and balers. Bhatia Agriculture Implement  Operators can also be in charge of maintenance and repair of the machinery they operate. Most of these equipment operators are employed by farming operations. Bhatia Agriculture Implement  Other employers may include manufacturers of pesticides and fertilizers, scientific organizations and government agencies.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job openings for operators should increase by four percent between 2012 and 2022 ( Agriculture Implement  This is slower-than-average growth, but turnover rates are relatively high in this occupation, so there are frequent job openings within the industry.

Bhatia Agriculture Implement  The BLS also reported that the median hourly pay of agriculture equipment operators in May 2013 was $12.58 per hour, or $26,170 annually. Operators employed by farms involved in sugar and confectionary product manufacturing earned the most, averaging $22.44 per hour. The highest paying state for agriculture equipment operators was Ohio, with an average hourly wage of $18.26 per hour in May 2013, according to the BLS.

Agricultural equipment consists of farm field and farmstead machinery used for the production of crops and agricultural livestock. Major product lines include wheel and track-laying agricultural tractors, planting and fertilizing machinery, tillage equipment, fertilizer and chemical application equipment, harvesting machinery, haying and mowing machinery, milking machines and other farm dairy equipment, poultry equipment, barnyard equipment, sprayers and irrigation equipment, grain dryers and blowers, commercial turf and grounds care equipment, and parts for farm machinery.

Some 1,000 companies manufacture agricultural equipment in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, employing nearly 53,000 workers in 2006 (latest data available). U.S. manufacturers of agricultural equipment reported sales worth $19.8 billion in 2006, the last year for which complete data is available, according to the Census’ Annual Survey of Manufacturers.


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