Lat Ki Masjid

hisar -lat ki masjid-2The Lat Ki Masjid was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq, the founder of Hisar town. In the premises of the Mosque lies a “Lat” or pillar made of iron, after which the mosque derives its name. The ‘Lat’ is a part of an Ashoka pillar, evidenced from the Mauryan Brahmi inscriptions found on it.
Lat Ki Masjid an Islamic religious shrine is a historical masterpiece and a blend of different styles of architecture. The slanting walls are built in the Suljuk style, the grids (jalis) are built in the Hindu style of architecture and the dome shaped roof is the typical Mughal style of architecture. The mosque is L shaped and has an Ablution tank, a pillar and a square hall. The mosque is built of Red and buff sandstones and rubble masonry having thick plasters. Stone pillars are used to support the arched openings at the entrance. These pillars are decorated using floral and geometrical designs looted from the destroyed Hindu temples. The prayer hall has a carved Qiblah and a pulpit (on the wall towards the west).

The mosque is a popular tourist attraction and is conserved by the Archeological Department of India. A large number of devotees come here to offer prayers.